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Inboud SMS offers you a powerful and easy-to-use system of SMS (MO) routing.

This service allows you to receive SMS and replies from your subscribers. you'll be able to get SMS sent by your subscribers to your e-mail, and to see them on the web.

There are two options for "incoming numbers".

- Unique number. In this case you are provided a unique telephone number; all messages sent to this number will be delivered to you via Internet. Service price: $200 per month for the 1st number, and $150 per month for each following number.

- Shared number. In this case you are provided a telephone number that is also used by other clients. Your subscribers have to include a specific code in the beginning of an SMS (e.g. your login), and such messages will only be delivered to you. Service price: $50 per month. The "incoming number" can be set as "sender" for your outgoing SMS, so that your subscribers can simply reply to received messages.



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SMS Chat!

New feature: Cool SMS Chat! Now you can chat with your friend even if he/she do not have access to computer and internet but have his/her cell phone. You can send SMS to your friend's phone from our web site and see his/her replies (yes, your friend can answer to your text messages!) in one easy to use chat session. It is just like ICQ/MSN - but your friend needs only his/her phone (and you need computer and internet)! It is easy - log in at your account, buy some SMS credits (if you do not have it) and start SMS Chat! Visit: (You will need to signup first)

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Buy 250 SMS or more (using PayPal) between 20 feb 05 and 01 dec 05 and receive a free gift (phone tattoo)!

We will send you free gift by mail (we can send only to US, Canada and UK). We will send the gift to your shipping address, you will enter at the PayPal site, so do not forget to your shipping address at PayPal.

Send free test sms

Send free test sms

To send free test sms (to GSM mobile phone) enter your phone:

Use full "international" format: country code, area code, phone number. Do not enter "+", "(" or "-". Use country code instead of "0". I.e. US number: 16171234567

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